The Key to Using Meditation for Peak Performance

The Key to Using Meditation for Peak Performance

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One of the main reasons I recommend meditation for peak performance is because of its ability to help you achieve a flow state. Because, entering a flow state requires you to "let go." This is where everyone struggles most: developing the ability to fluidly relinquish so much conscious thinking. Things like performance anxiety and fear of failure become major impediments to accessing our more creative and intuitive parts of the brain.

Perhaps, nothing will help you increase your capacity to let go than consistently practicing mindfulness meditation. I know. I know. You’ve tried it, and it can’t seem to get the hang of it. “It’s too frustrating,” you say. If this is the case, I can tell you with confidence you are over complicating it. It is simple beyond belief. Furthermore, you do not need to do it for extended periods of time to begin reaping the benefits of doing so. 

It Doesn't Take Much Effort to Create Real Change

Just practicing a few minutes a day, with consistency, will actually begin making changes in your brain.

There is an overwhelming amount of neuroscience research exhibiting the numerous benefits of mindfulness meditation.

Just fifteen minutes a day over an eight-week period was shown to create structural changes in the brain. 

Just 15-min a day of mindfulness meditation over an 8-week period will begin to create structural changes in the brain.


Every elite performer practices it in some form, whether formally or intuitively. Visualizing successful performances, particularly while tracking one’s body and emotional state, facilitates a decreased level of anxiety and increased level of confidence during the actual event. To achieve flow and peak performance requires moving beyond the initial fight or flight state that performance or competition typically induces. 

Expert meditators show a capacity to disconnect from their initial fight or flight response. Again, this ability is essential to access your maximum potential. 

“The key to maximizing meditation for peak performance is to start small and stay consistent.”

Be Intentional About Starting Small

The key is to start small and stay consistent. Just begin with two to three minutes a day of developing a focal point, such as your breath or the sounds you hear, and just track whatever you notice. If you feel frustrated, notice that. If you are thinking about work, just notice it. Then, without judgment, bring your awareness back to your focal point and track it as best you can. Yes. It’s really that simple. No. One session won’t change your life, but practicing it consistently has the potential to do so. 

All of the Science on Meditation Leads to only one conclusion

The verdict is in. There is probably nothing more beneficial if you are in pursuit of your highest potential and peak performance than a daily practice of mindfulness meditation. This is due to how it affects your brain. When you are in a flow state, you develop a heightened sense of awareness and pattern recognition that your brain processes rapidly, leading to high degrees of creativity. Mindfulness meditation enables you to obtain a level of this capacity outside of flow states, which makes moving into flow more fluid. 

Remember, the key to this and so many things is to start small and stay consistent. Shortly after beginning to practice mindfulness meditation the benefits you will experience will take over as motivators. You will find yourself wanting to go for longer periods of time and looking forward to practicing it. 

Once again, the fundamental steps are to identify a focal point and just notice without judgment. Don’t worry if it seems like nothing is happening. There will be a tremendous amount of activity going on in your brain that you won’t be aware of. If you truly desire to hit your peak, this is my number one recommendation. 

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