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KEY 034: How to Think at Hyper Speeds

Deep Embodiment is the Fast Track to Hypofrontality.

How to move your thoughts from your head to your body through deep embodiment which puts you into an altered state known as hypofrontality, allowing you to tap into your most creative, productive, and efficient self without causing burning out.

One of the fastest ways for you to get into a flow state is through a deep physical connection to what you’re doing. This is a major flow hack that will help you disconnect from all the distractions around you so you can reach that effortless place of flow and peak performance.

Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Most people are not connected to their bodies. Meaning, we’re not taking the time to feel what’s happening within our body. Oftentimes this is because we’re so busy trying to get to the next “thing” we never stop to find out what’s happening inside.

In order to increase the amount of information you're processing you must switch off your EXplicit mind and turn on your IMplicit mind. This is best done when you're fully engaged in physical activity. 

When you become deeply connected with your physical state, you allow your subconscious mind to take over which can process 200,000,000 times the information your conscious mind can handle. It’s that much faster. Is it any wonder a flow state produces our very highest peak performance levels?

Your subconscious or implicit mind processes 200,000,000 times more information than your conscious or explicit mind.


When You're Typing You Become Engaged With Your Body

Typing something on a keyboard is a great example of how this hack works to help you get into flow faster. The moment you begin to think about what keys need to be pressed in order to type what you’re writing, you’ll slow down tremendously.

Check-In with your body throughout your day. If you’re eating, pause for a moment and think about what you’re physically feeling. You can do this while you’re walking into your office, home, or even the grocery store.

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