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The REAL Reason You Struggle to Start Ugly

It's Not Because You Don't Know What to Do. It's because you don't do what you Already know.

10 Day "Start Ugly" Challenge

Discover the true* secrets to launching a Successful podcast or YouTube channel. 

*Nobody Else is Telling You This​​



Challenge Begins July 22nd, 2020

Day #1

Get Clarity on 


DAY #2

Find The Courage to 

Be Authentic

DAY #3

Build Confidence to Collaborate

DAY #4

Overcome Your


DAY #5

Stop the

Comparison Game

Day #6

Acquire Ruthless 


DAY #7

Shatter Every 


DAY #8

Put an End to


DAY #9

Learn The Key to


DAY #10

Set Realistic & Challenging



75% of Podcasts Won't Survive The First 12 Months

According to 2018 statistics provided by AmplifiMedia, Blubrry CEO, Todd Cochrane

Why Do So Many Podcasts Fail?

Failure to Have a Powerful Reason "Why"

If you don't have a "clean" reason why you're launching your brand, you'll never have the motivation to persevere.

Failure to Set Realistic Expectations

If your expectations are too high, you'll feel defeated by your lack of progress and give up before you reach them.

Failure to Focus on What's Important

It's too easy to get distracted by the unimportant tasks of each episode, leaving you feeling busy but unproductive.

Failure to Share Their Authentic Voice

Authenticity is the #1 attraction people have to a personal brand. This requires a vulnerability most brands don't have.

Failure to Stop Comparing Themselves

Nothing will drain your motivation more than feeling like you're not measuring up to others in your space.

Failure to Put Out Consistent Content

Slow and steady always wins the race. Yet most new shows focus on the short term sprints and run out of gas too soon.

Failure to Overcome Procrastination

You will quickly become overwhelmed by everything you think needs to be done to launch your show.

Failure to Believe Their Message Has Value

There's an audience who will give anything to hear your unique message. Most shows give up before they find you. 


Most Don't Fail Because of the

Equipment, Software, or Training.

Yet Most Put Their Focus on the

Equipment, Software, or Training.

It's Time to Focus on

The Real Hurdles to Your Success With

The 10 Day "Start Ugly" Challenge

The #1 Strategy for Launching a Podcast or YouTube Channel That Survives

"The Ugly Stage"

​About Your Mentors

Paul Desmond Adams 

Personal Development Coach 

Purpose | Goals | Career | Relationships | Wellness

"After helping multiple clients launch and grow 6-figure businesses, I still struggled to do the work for myself, until I began working with John. He helped remove my hidden blocks so I could finally find success with my own personal brand."

John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C

Licensed Psychotherapist

Peak Performance Strategist

"As a licensed psychotherapist, I've helped thousands of clients, from top level executives and professional athletes to veterans dealing with PTSD, overcome the most debilitating blocks to their success, by using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs."

30 DAY - 100%


If you enroll in the 10-Day "Start Ugly" Challenge and at any point within 30-days (yep, 20 days longer than the challenge) you feel it didn't help you or give you the results you expected, we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hassles, no questions, no hoops to jump through. Just say "it didn't help" and we'll process your refund immediately.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Your 10-Day "Start Ugly" Challenge Begins 07/22

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