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KEY 049: Best Way to Achieve Peak Performance in Business

Peak Performance in Business

Achieving peak performance in business just like in sports, will not only help you achieve more, but you'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more.

Elite athletes keep doing the work because they love it not because it's needed. That's the difference with peak performance states.

How much further could you take your business if the work itself was the reward and you lost yourself in doing it?

Peak Performance Doesn't Mean It's Easy

The greatest athletes put in countless hours of work to get to the top. The same is true about entrepreneurs. If you're looking for a shortcut or an easier way to get to the top, you're looking in the wrong place. 

Is It Intrinsically Rewarding?

One of the most important components of achieving peak performance in business is to be engaged in something that's intrinsically rewarding for you.

If you're only in business to get the external rewards you're much less likely to achieve that coveted peak performance state. This doesn't mean you can't be great or successful, but it does mean you won't enjoy that bliss of a flow state.

"Put in enough grueling effort and you'll develop a high level of proficiency at just about anything, but that doesn't mean you should."

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Where Your Passion and Aptitude Intersect

Sir Ken Robinson has one of the most popular Ted Talks ever delivered. He asks the question "Do schools kill creativity." He shares the story of a highly skilled concert pianist who had spent most of her life perfecting her talents as a pianist and in fact became highly skilled.

But when she had downtime from her piano practice she would immediately gravitate towards books. She loved books and would get lost in them. While she was very gifted on the piano, she didn't get lost in it like she did with books.

Your sweet spot is where your passion and aptitude intersect.

You can develop an extremely high aptitude doing something you don't love and people will applaud your skill. You may even become very successful and have all of the external rewards people think should make you happy, but they won't.

It will always be work for you.

On the other hand, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to reach the highest levels in an area where you have a deep passion because the work is the reward. You're not doing it for the outcome or external rewards, it's intrinsically rewarding to you.

Don't trade a Gift From God for a Rewards From Men.

Think for a moment what it would be like, at the end of your life, when it's all said and done, to look up and see the person God equipped you to become. 

Does that thought worry you or encourage you? Your passion is God's way of guiding you towards your greatest gift. Don't ignore it.

peak performance in business

If God is your sculptor what does He see you becoming after all of His work is done? Is that what you see as well?

"I Know What To Do...

I'm Just Not Doing It!"

You've read all of the books and you still struggle with procrastination, lack of focus, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and even a fear of success.

You Don't Need Another Book!

Emotional Blocks

What You'll Hear in This Episode

Here are the big topics we talk about in "Peak Performance in Business" along with the timestamp where we cover it in the episode.

You can scroll to the exact time you want:


What Is Peak Performance in Business?

Researchers have discovered that peak performance isn't about being the best at something, it's a state you find yourself in when you're doing the work. It's on par with "being in the zone" or being in "flow state."


You Don't Have to Just Wait for Peak Performance

For years we would hear about elite athletes getting into this almost trance-like state that would just show up. It was allusive and everyone wanted to stumble upon it. With years of study and research we've now discovered there are specific elements that go into achieving that peak performance state in sports, business, and life.


The Process of Mental Readying

Part of getting "out of your head" is getting yourself mentally ready for performance, regardless of what that performing might be. For you it may be a presentation, developing a new widget, promoting a book, or making a big sale. Athletes get themselves ready to perform so they aren't too "in their head" and they can let their ability flow.


Performance Anxiety is a Beneficial Element

Researchers have shown there is a huge difference in how elite athletes approach performance anxiety versus amateurs. The elite see the anxiety as a positive that energizes them while amateurs look at it as something to avoid or try to overcome. 


Pursue Mastery and the Results Will Follow

When you engage in mastery orientation you're focused on mastering the work or your craft. Your not focused on the end results of the work, but just on getting it right. When you do this you can rest assured the results will come. "Just doing the f***ing work!" 

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What is The Key?

The KEY to better relationships, improved finances, and achieving peak performance isn't somewhere "out there" in another book, seminar, or training program, it already exists within you. You don't have to go find it, you just have to unlock it... and that's what show you how to do on The Key Podcast.

Paul desmond adams

Personal development coach

purpose | goals | career | relationships | Wellness

Paul is a super high achiever trapped in a misfits body. He's dreamed of and worked towards the highest levels of success, but held back by disorganization, distraction, and procrastination. He's always known what to do but hasn't been able to do what he knows... and it wasn't his fault. 

John hawkins jr, M.S., L.M.H.C.


peak performance strategist

John is a licensed psychotherapist who has helped thousands of people deal with past trauma, addiction, and broken relationships. After years of helping people breakthrough their internal blocks to success, he now realizes most us KNOW what to do, we just don't DO what we know... and it's typically not our fault. 

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