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The Key Alliance

An Elite Coalition of High-Achievers

Banding together to discover and overcome the barriers to Achieving Our maximum potential in business, relationships, and life.

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One of the greatest values you'll get from The Key Alliance is the fellowship of high-achievers who will surround and support you. In order to give you the best community, we interview every potential candidate before placement with the best group for you and the existing members.

We have room for people at all levels of achievement. Let's find out where you fit best. Request an initial conversation:

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Are You Ready to Achieve Your Most Challenging Goals?

You're not alone. Other high-achievers have struggled with unseen hurdles and blocks that kept them from taking the action they knew they needed to take. So why didn't they? That's exactly what we overcome inside of The Key Alliance. If you know what to do but still don't do it, The Key Alliance is exactly what you need.


Life Coach

Days are Now Filled with Passion and Fulfillment.

My work with John allowed me to identify and conquer a fear of success that was blocking me from achieving what I knew was capable of.

For years I struggled with self-sabotaging behaviors. Now I coach others in how to overcome these obstacles to achieving their dreams and potential.



Experiencing the Life I Always Dreamed of.

I worked in the corporate world for years but was fearful of embarking on my own entrepreneurial journey.

John helped me clear emotional blocks I was unaware of and taught me how to access flow states.

Now I’m a partner in my own company and I'm experiencing the life I always dreamed of.


Professional Golfer

Overcame a Decades-Long Struggle with an Inability to Master Short Putts.

I tried numerous sports psychologist who worked with me to develop more positive thinking, relaxation techniques, and visualization. However, the issue was much deeper.

John helped me release stored memories in my implicit memory system that were activating every time I had a putt under five feet.

what you get

Here's How The Key Alliance Will Transform Your Life

The Key Alliance is so much more than your typical mastermind. It's a community of high-achievers who are dedicated to helping each other explore, discover, and overcome the hurdles that too often stand in our way.

We Focus On Three Key Areas Affecting All Aspects of Your Life

What's Around You

You'll discover the very best tools and resources to help you overcome most of your challenges.

Whether it's a specific method or mechanism, we know what works and we'll find what's best for you.

Learn how to implement existing resources as quickly as possible so you can operate at maximum efficiently.

What's Within You

You'll explore, discover, and resolve the hidden hurdles that are at the core of what's holding you back.

You don't struggle because you don't know what to do. You struggle because you don't do what you already know. 

Learn how to find and break through the invisible barriers keeping you from achieving your maximum potential.

What's Beyond You

We'll collectively tap into our creativity to brainstorm new ways to overcome your greatest challenges.

This isn't about magic or mystery, it's about the science of creativity and innovation and it works.

Learn how to reach beyond yourself to access new solutions to your most challenging issues.

About Us

John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C.

Licensed Psychotherapist

Peak Performance Strategist

John has helped thousands of clients overcome the hidden internal blocks which had kept them from achieving their maximum potential. He will help you gain clarity of your true purpose, identify your gifts and talents, and develop a life of greater meaning and significance. John is an acclaimed expert at cutting-edge science-based techniques for overcoming barriers, achieving a flow state, and reaching peak performance.

Paul Desmond Adams

Personal Development Coach

Digital Media and Marketing Expert

Paul is a former national radio host who's been a lifelong student of personal development and has become a sought after expert in digital media and marketing. He's been invited to speak on some of the biggest stages in the digital media and marketing. Paul is an expert at analysing existing business processes and marketing strategies and then implementing proven methods for increasing productivity, performance, and profits.

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