Living Life in Peace

The Key to Finding Tranquility Every Day

Cherish Every Day!

When it comes to life, we truly don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Although it may not always feel like it, life is the most precious gift. What makes it so difficult for us to maintain this perspective? It seems so easy for us to fall into negativity or become so problem focused. However, I believe we innately desire happiness and joy. How do we then explain our predicament?

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Peace Comes Through Being, Not Having

It is a constant struggle to find a balance between achieving one’s purpose and calling while maintaining a sense of peace. Furthermore, we are bombarded daily with false messages about what will bring us peace and happiness. The reality is these things actually rob us of both of those qualities.

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Acceptance Is The Key To Change

Make the effort to start accepting the reality of what is happening around you. This does not mean you accept mistreatment or injustice in the world. Rather, you no longer fight against the reality we live in a world where these things occur. Then you can shift your energy to actually changing these conditions.

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