July 9

KEY 014: It’s Not Too Late for Your Success



As you age and move out of different stages in your life, you can sometimes feel like you've missed out on an opportunity for success of some type. Leaving college, getting married, or reaching your 40's or 50's. 

In this episode we explore where this fear comes from and what you can do to eliminate it from your life. It's not too late for your success, and we'll prove it to you.

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It’s just too late! Maybe, this is where you are right now. Trying to figure out if you're pursuing or going after a realistic goal for someone in your position. Sometimes it can be difficult to get clarity on this question.

When do you persist, and when is it wise to change course? Attempting to decide can be a complex matter. Perhaps, you’ve read all the books on mindset and believe it is still possible. However, pursuing your dream comes with a price. In later years, the cost often increases. There can be a tipping point where it becomes more painful to continue pursuing your goal or vision.

But it can also lead to depression and despair to give up. What do you do when you get to this point? The first step is to reach for some guidance and support. However, everyone has an opinion, and this can generate even more confusion. You need to identify people who can provide assistance but without being overly directive.

Don't Let Others Determine What's Best For You

Good leadership is aware there is a degree of uncertainty in deciding whether to go forward. Additionally, it's only you who can determine what's right for you and your life. Once you have chosen a course, it's up to you to stay or change when you realize that's what's needed.

The other two primary resources for identifying your course are your intuitive voice and your circumstances. Everyone has an intuitive sense even if they have not developed sufficient awareness of it. When you take the time to become present, stop thinking, and let go of any expectations or agenda you will begin to hear it. It may surprise you what it says. It understands things from a much broader level, which your conscious mind is incapable of seeing. It observes wholes and has access to a greater amount of information than the cognitive brain.

Finally, circumstances and events can be a valuable guide. Sometimes you can bend reality to your will. And in other instances, situations move you in different directions. Again, it can be complicated at times to decipher what conditions mean. But when you factor them in with support and intuition, they can be a useful guide.

With all this being said, it is never too late to become who you are capable of becoming. This is a certainty! Identifying what the vehicles are to accomplish this goal can change at different points of your life. To determine whether to persist or pivot, use the three resources mentioned with patience and openness, and you will arrive at a path that fulfilling and on purpose.

About the author 

John Hawkins Jr. & Paul Desmond Adams

John and Paul work together to bring real scienced-based personal development strategies to people frustrated with poor results from past efforts. John is a licensed psychotherapist and peak performance strategist while Paul is a former national radio host with decades of experience in personal development, productivity strategies, as well as expertise in digital media.

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