Identifying My Purpose

The Key to Living a Meaningful Life

Happiness Comes From Fulfilling Your Purpose

To be truly fulfilled and happy requires pursuing something meaningful. It is my belief each of us has been endowed with some level of gift to fulfill our purpose in the world. Attempting to chase happiness will lead further away from it. You will spend your life pursuing a series of mirages based on temporary pleasures. Happiness is the outcome of discovering what you find purpose in and dedicating your life to pursuing it.

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Desire Is Evidence Of Your Divine Nature

The nature of reality is creative, passionate, loving, and exciting. Our desire and enthusiasm is a marker of the Divine within us. That is why their is so many writings in each major world religions’ texts that cautions us to guard our hearts. Our heart is the sum of our deepest desires.

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Commit To Making A Better World

If you truly want to live a life of depth, meaning, and purpose, commit to making a better world. It can come in many forms: creating art, giving to charity, serving others in some capacity; working to help save the environment, etc.

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The Key To A Fulfilling Life

Find the joy and meaning that is pregnant in every moment. Wake up to the fact that you are the one creating your own reality. If you do not like your current one, this means you have the power to change it. Do it now! Make the tough choices that will lead to a more purpose driven and gratifying life. You will not regret it.

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Monotony Is The Reward Of The Careful

Rember, life is ultimately meant to be lived, not just survived. Playing it safe is not so safe. Avoiding risk also means avoiding possibility. Develop the courage to take chances in your work, relationships, and passions. Your reward will be a life filled with excitement, purpose, and fulfillment. Stop holding back and go for it!

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Failure Is Never Fatal

Gaining experience is essential for success. Identifying and resolving your core fears related to failure can free you to pursue the life of our dreams without fear of failing.

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