John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C

I believe everyone has a unique contribution to make to the world. We all possess a gift that lies at the crossroads of our deepest desires and our aptitude. Everyone has at least one great idea in their lifetime. Why is it so few manifest their destiny? What gets in the way?

I have dedicated my life to helping others emotionally heal and achieve their full potential. What I have discovered is the number one thing that stops us from achieving our dreams is being blocked emotionally. You can be highly intelligent and remarkably talented and still not succeed. In the end, it is lack of access to your core emotions, which are nature's greatest resource, that prevents you from obtaining your dreams.

The inability to apply what you "know" is an emotional block

You can take all the courses, read great books, and attend powerful seminars and workshops. Nonetheless, when you are emotionally blocked, you will eventually fail in implementing these strategies and methods. Furthermore, it happens to all of us no matter how gifted or accomplished. Everyone could be reaching a higher level than they are currently; there is another level of potential to be realized.

I was working with someone this week who is extremely talented and driven. Their presenting problem was they have a pattern of sabotaging their intimate relationships and financial success. As we dug deeper, we discovered a fear of them or their partner becoming arrogant and abusive as a result of becoming financially successful.

Identifying the origin of the block

This stemmed from what occured in their childhood. My client's family was originally close with a supportive father. However, once he became wealthy, he turned conceited, harsh and abusive. Moreover, his actions drove away all their extended family and friends. My client was helpless to do anything about these events and had no one to reach for emotionally as a child. The only thing they could do was dissociate form these painful emotions.

Now in present life, whenever they or their partner would get close to attaining their career or financial goals, subconscious fears of abandonment and resulting shame and grief would begin to activate causing them to engage in self-defeating behaviors. The way out for them entails grieving what they lost in childhood as a result of their father's behaviors and coming to acceptance of what they will never receive from him.

Overcoming the block

If you have been in a perpetual pattern of struggling to turn your ideas into action, there is a deeper emotional block that is impeding you. Take the time to reflect on what happens just prior to you either engaging in behaviors that obstruct your goals or experiencing limiting beliefs or self-doubt. Our inner-critic developed as a defense to protect us from shame. It attempts to shield us from disappointment and public criticism. However, it also impedes us from fulfilling our dreams and goals.

There is somewhere in your history you did not have the resources to cope with certain feelings, such as sadness, shame, or anger. Once you have identified where your current block developed, you can then reach for support and process whatever unfinished emotions are frozen there. You then will have a clear path to turning your ideas into action.

Remember, everyone has a distinct contribution to make to the world. Those who manifest theirs, have learned the art of mastering their emotions. This is a skill, not a gift. You can acquire this ability as well. Put these steps into action today, and you will begin to take the necessary steps to turn your ideas into reality.


John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C.

John has helped thousands of clients overcome the hidden internal blocks which had kept them from achieving their maximum potential. Furthermore, he has assisted them in gaining clarity of their true life purpose, identifying their gifts and talents, and developing lives of greater meaning and significance. 

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