August 12

KEY 019: Finding the Perfect Coach or Mentor



The perfect coach or mentor IS out there for you. Once you know what to look for, you'll find them. This episode will help you determine what you need in your perfect coach.

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Every elite performer, no matter what the field, has had coaches and mentors; this is without exception. If you desire to achieve your maximum potential, receiving guidance, encouragement, and challenge is essential. But how do you find the perfect coach or mentor for you?

Furthermore, today’s landscape is filled with coaches of all types. Coaching has become a multibillion-dollar industry, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. How do you assess whether someone really has the expertise and experience they say they do?

The Keys to Identifying the Perfect Coach or Mentor

The first step to finding the perfect coach or mentor is asking if they have done what you're needing from them, at a high level?

Some of those marketing their coaching are gaining experience through you. They are more focused on making themselves successful than you. Everyone has to start from somewhere, and there is no shame in being a beginner. 

Some coaches are more focused on making themselves successful than you.


A legitimate coach should be honest and transparent about their experience level. Far too many coaches have become better experts at marketing than coaching. Don’t fall for this trap. 

“A great coach needs to have accomplished what they are teaching you in order to be truly credible.”

Not All Great Coaches Were Elite Performers

In many fields, great coaches were not necessarily the best performers. Nonetheless, they have acquired specialized knowledge that is highly valuable. Moreover, they have become skilled at imparting this knowledge in a way that allows others to learn and implement it. This is where their value lies.

A crucial question to ask when evaluating a coach is, “Are they good at coaching?” There are those who are talented and have developed expertise. However, they are poor communicators and lack the necessary interpersonal skills to be the perfect coach.

A high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) can be more essential than a high IQ when it comes to coaching others. The perfect coach or mentor needs to have abilities in both areas.

Look for These Qualities in The Perfect Coach or Mentor

  • Provide Honest, realistic, and challenging feedback
  • exhibit Great listening skills
  • Provides Clear objectives and action steps
  • Has No personal agenda
  • Accessible and availability
  • Provide Straight feedback
  • Well Established Competence
  • Experience in a variety of situations
  • Highest Levels of Integrity
  • Creative and individualized

If you're uncertain about your need for a coach or mentor

Remember, scientific research has show the direct correlation between elite performance in any field and the access and use of a quality coach or mentor. It also shows, the sooner you begin using a coach or mentor, the sooner you'll achieve the highest levels of success. 

Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan all had numerous coaches from the beginning of their career to today. If you are serious about achieving your maximum potential, make a commitment to finding the right coach or mentor for you.

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About the author 

John Hawkins Jr. & Paul Desmond Adams

John and Paul work together to bring real scienced-based personal development strategies to people frustrated with poor results from past efforts. John is a licensed psychotherapist and peak performance strategist while Paul is a former national radio host with decades of experience in personal development, productivity strategies, as well as expertise in digital media.

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