You missed out!



You missed out!

75% of Podcasts Will Fail in the first 12 months

According to statistics provided by AmplifiMedia

You're about to discover How to

Fail Proof Your Podcast

With the 10 Keys You must know to succeed

10 Day Fail Proof Challenge

Discover the real secret to launching a 
Fail Proof Podcast

Discover the Real secret to launching a Fail Proof Podcast


10 Day Fail Proof Challenge

Discover the real secret to launching a 
Fail Proof Podcast

Discover the Real secret to launching a Fail Proof Podcast


Day #1

Get Total Clarity on 


DAY #2

Find The Courage to 

Be Authentic

DAY #3

Build Confidence to


DAY #4

Finally Overcome Your


DAY #5

Completely Stop the

Comparison Game

Day #6

Acquire Ruthless 


DAY #7

Shatter Every Single 


DAY #8

Put an Absolute End to


DAY #9

Discover the Key to 


DAY #10

Challenging & Attainable


Most Podcasters Worry About The Wrong Things.

The equipment and software is almost never the reason a podcast fails.

In fact, you can buy top-of-the-line used podcasting equipment a deep discount from podcasters who thought the equipment was the most important thing.

  • Heil PR40 Microphone cost: $320
  • Rodcaster Pro sound mixer cost: $599
  • Sony MDR-7506 headphone cost: $99
  • Adobe Audition editing software cost: $250/yr

That's over $1,200 for a single microphone setup and you're still just as likely to fail within your first year.

Before you spend a dime on equipment, software, or training on how to use it, take action to eliminate the real reasons most podcasters fail. 


75% of Podcasts Don't Survive The First 12 Months

Make Sure You Avoid These Common Pitfalls 

Failure to Have a Powerful "Clean Why"

If you don't have a "clean" reason why you're launching your podcast, you'll never have the stamina to persevere.

Failure to Set Realistic Expectations

If your expectations are too high, you'll feel defeated by your lack of progress and give up before you reach them.

Failure to Focus on What's Important

It's too easy to get distracted by the unimportant tasks of each episode, leaving you busy but not productive.

Failure to Share Your Authentic Voice

Authenticity is the #1 attraction people have to a personal brand. This requires a vulnerability most brands don't have.

Failure to Stop Comparing Yourself

Nothing will drain your motivation more than feeling like you're not measuring up to other podcasts out there.

Failure to Put Out Consistent Content

Slow and steady always wins the race. Yet most new shows focus on the short term sprints and run out of gas too soon.

Failure to Overcome Procrastination

You will quickly become overwhelmed by everything you think needs to be done to launch your show.

Failure to Believe Your Message Has Value

There's an audience who will give anything to hear your unique message. Most shows give up before they find you. 

Meet Your Mentors

Paul Desmond Adams 

Personal Development Coach
Purpose | Goals | Career | Relationships | Wellness

"After helping multiple clients launch and grow 6-figure businesses, I still struggled to do the work for myself, until I began working with John. He helped remove my hidden blocks so I could finally find success with my own personal brand."

John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C

Licensed Psychotherapist
Peak Performance Strategist

"As a licensed psychotherapist, I've helped thousands of clients, from top level executives and professional athletes to veterans dealing with PTSD, overcome the most debilitating blocks to their success, by using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs."

What Makes This Challenge Different?

In One Word: Science!

Everything you'll learn is backed by scientific research and proven results.

We help you tap into the latest scientific breakthroughs in the area of human potential equipping you to achieve so much more than you ever imagined. 

With the research-backed strategies you'll discover in our 10-Day Challenge to Fail Proof Your Podcast you'll be able to...

Gain Clarity on Your Why - This isn't just about writing out your mission statement or finding a simple motivator, we teach you the tremendous power of having a "Clean Why" and how most people struggle because they've only ever had a "Dirty Why." This will make or break you in any endeavour.

Find The Courage to be Authentic - This is the #1 attractor people have to others.. authenticity. But, there is an evolutionary reason why we're all afraid to let our true selves be seen or heard. We'll help you understand and overcome the hurdles to being your authentic self so your listeners will feel a genuine lasting bond with you.

Build Confidence to Collaborate - There is no better way to grow your podcast audience than through collaboration with others. Unfortunately, most of us suffer from something called "Imposter Syndrome." We're afraid to reach out to our peers because we believe our content is inferior to theirs. We're going to destroy your imposter syndrome.

Overcome Procrastination Once and For All - Every entrepreneur struggles with varying levels of procrastination. The truth is, it's usually linked to some type of emotional block deep within us. That's why we find ourselves knowing what to do but not doing what we know. On Day 4 you'll discover the secret to dismantling those hidden blocks.

End the Comparison Game - The human survival instinct programmed into our DNA has us always engaging in comparison to make sure we're keeping up with "our tribe." In today's world this comparison has become incredibly unhealthy due to our ability to see every success other's achieve without seeing the struggles they went through to get there. You're going to completely end the comparison game.

Focus Ruthlessly - Successful people are the ones always on the lookout for new opportunities, but those who achieve the highest levels of success are the ones who focus on the single greatest opportunity and then follow it through to completion. We'll share with you the latest bio and neurological resources that will help you enjoy ruthless focus.

Shatter Your False Beliefs - You can practice self-talk and affirmations all day long, but until you change your deep-seated false beliefs at a subconscious level in the brain, you're going to continue to struggle. We'll show you how to go deep into your subconscious mind to release these false beliefs and replace them with powerful reality of your true potential.

Put an End to Indecision - Success in any area requires quick and accurate decision making. Unfortunately, most of us get hung-up because of our fear of making the wrong decision and having that hold us back. We'll empower you with research backed strategies for overcoming these fears forever. You'll be making fast and accurate decisions right away.

Find the Key to Consistency - The main reason podcasts fail to see consistent growth is the lack of consistent content being put out. We're going to help you tap into your natural neurochemistry and the evolutionary power of your brain to allow your consistency to flow without struggle, challenges, or effort. 

Set Challenging but Attainable Expectations - Most podcasters have no idea what size audience they should expect as they launch and grow their show. We'll share revealing industry-wide data and then use it to help you set expectations that will challenge you without feeling like they're impossible to reach. Scientists call this your "challenge to skill ratio" and it will drive you to new heights.

Imagine Having Access to a high-level community of support

You'll Gain Life-Time Access to our Private LinkedIn Group

When you register for our 10 Day Challenge to Fail Proof Your Podcast, you'll be invited to join our brand new private LinkedIn group where you'll gather with others just like you who are focused on launching and growing a world-class podcast.

  • Ask questions about your specific situation
  • Participate in live video meet-ups to accelerate your success
  • Network and collaborate with podcasters in your niche
  • Learn from real world implementation of the strategies you'll be discovering
  • Find accountability partners who will help keep you on track
  • Discover even more strategies for overcoming the hurdles in your business

We're excited to be launching this group where both John and Paul will be interacting on a regular basis. You'll be able to dig in deeper, ask questions, and get clarity on what you should do next. This group will be where the next top podcasts will start and where  million dollar deals will be made between members in the community. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If you enroll in the 10-Day Challenge to Fail Proof Your Podcast and at any point within 30-days (yep, 20 days longer than the challenge) you feel it didn't help you or give you the results you expected, we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hassles, no questions, no hoops to jump through. Just say "it didn't help" and we'll process your refund ASAP.


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You missed out!

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