John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C

Whatever your goals are now, you are capable of even more. I want to challenge you that you are still underestimating yourself. Really think about what I am saying for a moment. There is more potential and ability inside of you than you can grasp.

I was listening to an interview recently with a well-known author and speaker. They were expressing gratitude to the host of the show for challenging them a year and half prior to reach for more. The guest was aspiring to reach a certain financial figure in their business, and the host confronted them saying he believed that was too small for their talent and capability.

The guest disclosed he had left the previous interview and reflected on what the host had said for some time. He revealed he had gone on to do ten times the amount of revenue the following year and was appreciative for the guest pushing him in this area.

You know you are capable of more

Maybe, you are like me and believe, or have been told, your whole life you have potential. But somehow you keep playing 'small ball', yet you know you are capable of more. What creates this gap between believing we can do more and actually doing it? Although there can be more complexity at times, the answer typically comes down to fear and shame.

Sometimes I feel redundant continuing to point out these two emotions as the cause of so much of our lack of success in areas of our lives. But it really is that simple most of the time. Almost every block to achieving our dreams comes down to these two factors. But simple is not a synonym for easy. Once you know this, you still have to do the emotional work of overcoming these two foes.

Track what happens when you dream bigger

What I have come to discover and believe is, all of us are capable of accomplishing more than we can even imagine today. Whatever you think you can achieve, 10X it as Grant Cardone would say. I am just now starting to get a glimpse of what is truly possible for myself. Don't settle for less. Go farther!

When you take time to reflect on what it is you really desire, try going even bigger and observe what happens. Does it excite you, or do you experience anxiety and self-doubt? Either reaction is a win. If it fills you with energy, keep going. Allow it to propel you into dreaming even greater dreams.

If you encounter fear or shame-based thoughts, identify their origins and get help processing and releasing from them. The biggest thing holding most people back is fear of others opinions. This is an evolutionary leftover from when we had to be part of a group or we would not survive. It is still in our DNA and why it can be so difficult to overcome.

What are you waiting for?

Life is short. I'm not trying to be morbid, but you are going to die. Have the courage to embrace this reality in order to overcome your lesser fears. You have more potential than you can even grasp at present. Today, work to create a bigger vision for yourself, and exercise the courage to conquer whatever fear and shame are standing in your way.

After working with so many successful individuals, I can tell you they are not more innately talented or intelligent than you. They just developed a different belief system. You can do the same. Don't wait until it is too late to learn this reality. Dream bigger. Go farther, and shoot higher. Stop walking on the ground when you can fly. The sky is truly yours. No matter where you are in your life today, you are capable of more. Believe it!


John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C.

John has helped thousands of clients overcome the hidden internal blocks which had kept them from achieving their maximum potential. Furthermore, he has assisted them in gaining clarity of their true life purpose, identifying their gifts and talents, and developing lives of greater meaning and significance. 

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