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KEY 010: Overcoming Your Fear of Success

What This Episode is About

You'll find out what's behind this mysterious power that always seems to keep you from your biggest goals, no matter how much you want them. We uncover one of the most frustrating fears we can have in life.

One of the Toughest Fears to Recognize

Fear of success. Yeah, right! Nice problem to have. If you struggle with a fear of failure, it’s hard to comprehend experiencing a fear of success. It’s a bit like someone saying, “I just can’t seem to put on weight,” when you can’t drop a pound if your life depended on it.

However, fear of success can be one of the most difficult blocks to overcome when pursuing your goals and dreams. One of the reasons is due to the fact that its root cause is often outside of your awareness. You are conscious of your desire to succeed, and are part of the way there, when suddenly you engage in some type of behavior that impedes your ultimate goal.

You’re as puzzled as others as to why you do these things. It seems to make no sense. You are frustrated beyond belief and engage in self-attack in the hopes it will somehow motivate you. But it only leads to more shame and discouragement. What is the problem? You ask yourself repeatedly.

Are You Afraid You'll Lose Something?

The issue lies in the fact there is another part of you that is attempting to protect you from some form of emotional pain. One of the primary contributors to the fear of success is fear of loss. A part of you may believe if you attain your goal this will result in some form of abandonment by an important person, or group of people. They may break contact with you or removing their love, acceptance, or approval.

One of the primary contributors to the fear of success is fear of loss.

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This fear may be the result of past experience. If this is the case, you need to grieve and come to acceptance of these former losses in order to move forward without fear. Fear of loss is not the only contributor to fear of success, but it is one of the main ones. There can be many others as well. Stay open and curious until you detect yours.

When you are attempting to identify the source of your fear of success, it is important to remember whatever self-defeating behavior you may be engaging in is beneficial in some way. This will help you experience less shame as you identify and resolve this emotional block. An effective way to detect your block is to ask yourself, “What would happen if I achieved my goal?” Then just notice your present reaction or where your mind goes.

It Feels Like God is Against My Success

Fear of success can be one of the most frustrating of all emotional blocks because it feels as if God, The Universe, or some other outside force is actively working against you. But stay encouraged. The cause can be revealed, resolved, and you will be well on your way to success.  

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What is The Key?

The KEY to better relationships, improved finances, and achieving peak performance isn't somewhere "out there" in another book, seminar, or training program, it already exists within you. You don't have to go find it, you just have to unlock it... and that's what show you how to do on The Key Podcast.

Paul desmond adams

Personal development coach

purpose | goals | career | relationships | Wellness

Paul is a super high achiever trapped in a misfits body. He's dreamed of and worked towards the highest levels of success, but held back by disorganization, distraction, and procrastination. He's always known what to do but hasn't been able to do what he knows... and it wasn't his fault. 

John hawkins jr, M.S., L.M.H.C.


peak performance strategist

John is a licensed psychotherapist who has helped thousands of people deal with past trauma, addiction, and broken relationships. After years of helping people breakthrough their internal blocks to success, he now realizes most us KNOW what to do, we just don't DO what we know... and it's typically not our fault. 

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