John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C

John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C.

It is one of the greatest tragedies of existence that the majority of people are not doing what they love or living up to their potential. Understanding why this is and helping others identify, follow, and succeed at what they are passionate about is something I have been pursuing since childhood.

It started with reading biographies at the age of seven. I was fascinated by people's lives and stories. It didn't matter what field or industry they were in, it was the journey of overcoming numerous obstacles and adversities on the way to success that drew me to them.

I was also fortunate to have parents and other family members instill in me a belief I was capable of becoming and achieving anything I loved and set my mind to. After working with so many individuals who received the opposite, I am eternally grateful for this gift and need to make a call later today to express this to my parents; I can never thank them enough for helping me acquire this belief.

It's harder to do what you hate

But in spite of all this, I spent years doing things I didn't want to do and even dreaded at times. How did I get so off course? My emotional wounds and trauma, along with battling fear and shame, led me on a long journey to finally end up doing what I love and find meaning in.

You may be right where I was: working a job you hate to pay the bills; believing it is too late for you to pursue your dream; or never having identified your aptitude or gift. Here's something I want you to understand - it's harder to do what you hate than what you love. Furthermore, it is hard work whether you do what you love or what you hate.

But it is much harder to do what you do not enjoy because it doesn't energize you. Doing what you find purpose, joy, and meaning in fills you with energy. This makes doing it effortless at times. Dread is not energizing. It is like carrying a bag of cement with you as you walk out the door in the morning. Pursuing your passion is like having a motor behind you.

Your purpose is inside your passion

I am also a big believer that you will find your purpose inside of your passion. Imagine if the whole world was doing what they loved and found meaningful. Just visualize this and see how much joy and love you experience. They reason so many people are miserable and depressed is due to the fact they spend the majority of their time doing something they cannot stand or find purposeless.

Yes. Pursuing your WHY comes with numerous challenges and roadblocks. But so does doing what you hate. Really think about this. Either way you have to put in work and overcome problems. Why not do so in the service of what you truly love? I know. The minute you consider what I am saying, you start to hear all the negative thoughts and self-doubt in your head. This happens to everyone. What I can assure is it's all B.S.

How to begin doing what you love

The way to overcome this is through support. Develop and utilize relationships that will support, encourage, and challenge you. I would not even be writing this post right now if It were not for the belief, encouragement, and push from my fiance. If you are lacking these types of relationships, start to build them.

You have something meaningful to contribute to the world. I don't care what anyone has said to you, including the critic in your head. You don't have to believe that you have a gift at this point, just be willing to serve others. This takes the focus and pressure off of yourself.

You may need help identifying what you love or what your talent and aptitude is. Build a team of mentors and guides to help you along the way. I cannot emphasize enough how capable you are of achieving this goal. Don't spend another day walking through life dissatisfied and suppressing the voice inside that tells you more is possible.

Have the courage to take the first step, no matter how small, to doing what you love and find meaning in. This is why you are here. Live out your mission, and experience what life was meant to be. The world is waiting.

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