Conquering Fear and Shame

The Key to Living Up to Your Maximum Potential

The Key to Taking More Risks

One of the qualities of peak performers is their level of motivation to seek out risks and challenges. The majority of people spend a great deal of time attempting to avoid risks. Why do these exceptional individuals look for opportunities to challenge themselves when everyone else is running in the other direction?

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Failure Is The Road To Success

You can read countless books on strategy or study the lives of successful individuals in your efforts to identify keys to success. But until you do the hard work of overcoming your own shame, it will be very difficult for you to succeed.

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Life Is Meant To Be Lived

Take the time today to work on being more present. This is the only time you are truly alive. You cannot really live focused on the past or the future. BE HERE NOW! Life is a gift. Spend it wisely. Don’t allow your fears or others opinions to influence the way you choose to live your life any longer.

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Be Bold!

If you are currently immobilized by fear or numbing yourself with compulsive behaviors, identify an area you can take massive action that will force you to become fully engaged. It needs to be bold in its scope. Otherwise, it will not unlock the necessary energy to break you out of helplessness and into a more empowered state.

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Act On It!

In your journey to success, the two main foes will always be fear and shame. Reach for support and vanquish these foes. Get out of your head, and just act on it.

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You Are Enough!

The truth is you are more than enough. Believe this wholeheartedly! Be the person who encourages others to be more authentic as well. Take these steps today, and watch what starts to happen.

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If You Wait, You Won’t

There are so many talented and aspiring individuals who have a great idea or gift to express but the need to be perfect prevents them from exposing it to the world. The key to defeating perfectionism is conquering shame.

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