Mastering My Emotions

Is The Key to Removing My Hidden Blocks to Success

The Key to Motivating Yourself

Many people have bought into the trap of using external rewards (money, status, and material goods) as their main source of motivation. Every bit of research shows external rewards are not as motivating as intrinsic, or inner, rewards. Moreover, they actually impede performance and inhibit motivation over the long-term.

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Knowledge Is Not Power

Each of these individuals “KNOWS” but struggles to “DO.” And what I have noticed is it is typically my most motivated and driven clients that do this the most. It’s the therapists, coaches, and clients who are highly into personal development that are the biggest perpetrators of this phenomenon.

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Why Is Meditation So Hard?

In my experience as a psychotherapist and coach, few individuals will make more than a cursory attempt at meditation, let alone practice with any consistency. “It’s too hard,” “I can’t stop my thinking,” are the typical refrains I hear. There is no doubt one impediment is people’s tendency to overcomplicate it; meditation is the essence of simplicity. As human beings, we tend to have an inclination to make the simple complex.

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How to Create Unlimited Potential

The brain has limited resources. And when it comes to allocating its biological assets, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Numerous studies have shown how certain brain regions associated with various activity grow in size to accommodate the demand for that endeavor.

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Hacking Peak Performance

What if I told you there was a short-cut to accessing your maximum potential? Something that could turn Clark Kent into Superman. Moreover, that this ability resides inside each and every one of us. You may have experienced it occasionally throughout your life and not given it much thought but enjoyed the experience.

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Just Keep Going!

If you have to focus on one thing, stay persistent. No matter how slow you may be going, your getting there faster than the majority of those who are doing nothing.

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