The Tools & Resources Around You

Equips You to Unlock Your Maximum Potential


Technology is a resource like anything else and can be used effectually or misused harmfully. I believe technology has benefited us in a myriad of ways. However, we can also use it in a compulsive way the same as food, sex, or spending.

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The Key to Balancing Career and Parenting

Perhaps, nothing can trigger more guilt and shame for parents than trying to balance accomplishing work-related responsibilities, or take time for self-care activities, and being there for your kids. There is often a tension between providing and being there.

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Creating An Environment For Peak Performance

Flow and peak performance follow focus. Anything that heightens attention makes it more likely to achieve your potential. Furthermore, increased levels of dopamine and norepinephrine expedite the time it takes to learn. Not only will exposing yourself to a “rich environment” lead to accessing your full potential, you will get there faster.

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Learn To Trust Yourself

Don’t give up on yourself. Everyone falls down in different ways. No matter how many bad decisions you have made, you are capable of making a good one. Believe in yourself and your abilities and start the process of learning to trust yourself.

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Own The Day!

Challenge yourself to begin taking charge of your day instead of letting life and others dictate yours. Start playing offense and take greater ownership of your life today.

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