John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C

No matter what you have accomplished to this point, you are capable of more than you could ever imagine. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is watching my clients begin to believe in themselves and start to manifest the reality the have been desiring for so long.

I will often reference a scene from the move, The Matrix, in which the lead character, Neo, is fighting one of the agents. He is faring better than any previous fight. Then he begins to start to lose. At one point, Neo starts to run towards the exit of the subway station the battle is being fought in. The other characters in the movie are all observing what is occurring through a computer monitor in their ship. Neo suddenly stops and starts to turn back towards the agent. One of his fellow group members asks the leader, "What is he doing?" The response from the commander, Morpheus, is, "He's beginning to believe."

Believe there is greater version of yourself yet to manifest

There is so much amazing symbolism throughout the film. However, to me this is one of the most powerful scenes where the hero of the story starts to step into his new identity. Our own self-identity has been formed through previous experiences, things we were told before we could even have chance to assess whether they were true or not, or possibly the lack of receiving what we needed to shape a truer picture of who we really are.

Believe with certainty there is a version of yourself you have not yet tapped into. Start to challenge your current identity. Why do you believe these things about yourself? What has constructed these beliefs? Begin to surround yourself with people who are safe, encouraging, and affirming of the good in you, particularly when you struggle to see these things. Don't stop engaging in this process until you begin to develop a greater belief in who you really are, what you are actually capable of, and a higher level of belief in yourself.


John Hawkins Jr., M.S., L.M.H.C.

John has helped thousands of clients overcome the hidden internal blocks which had kept them from achieving their maximum potential. Furthermore, he has assisted them in gaining clarity of their true life purpose, identifying their gifts and talents, and developing lives of greater meaning and significance. 

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