June 27

KEY 013: A New Perspective on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)



One of the major challenges entrepreneurs, business owners, and other high achievers have is maintaining focus on their primary goals. Numerous tasks and activities call out for attention. How does one maintain the necessary attention on what matters most?

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For some, achieving this objective is more difficult due to pre-existing attention deficits. A standard intervention is stimulant medication. However, the mental health community’s is often more interested in suppressing symptoms, rather than resolving their origins. Nowhere is this more evident than in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. 

A profile of symptoms is identified, and then a diagnosis is selected based on that criteria. However, research has failed to show this approach has benefited treatment effectiveness. There are numerous causes to difficulties in maintaining attention. After working with thousands of clients, I would say 80 – 90% of what is diagnosed as ADD is actually a form of anxiety. 

Taking stimulant medication can still provide a short-term improvement of focus, but this usually dissipates over time. Tolerance takes place as well requiring an increased dosage to obtain the same results. 

I have seen individuals use medication and illicit drugs to attain hyper focus and work insane hours only to eventually come crashing to the ground. This then results in an inability to work for extended periods of time to recover from the abuse the person put their body through attempting to gain a competitive advantage. Not exactly what I would call ‘working smart’. 

The solution is to fully identify and address the specific causes of the attention problems in an individualized manner. Fear, shame, and unprocessed emotional trauma are some of the major contributors leading to anxiety and challenges in maintaining attention. 

Getting to the root takes longer but lasts longer. You will never sustain long-term success by taking shortcuts and building a shaking foundation. Maintain a laser-like focus on your dreams and goals is challenging enough without additional attention difficulties. To overcome this problem, obtain assistance resolving the core issues associated to your attention deficits. 

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About the author 

John Hawkins Jr. & Paul Desmond Adams

John and Paul work together to bring real scienced-based personal development strategies to people frustrated with poor results from past efforts. John is a licensed psychotherapist and peak performance strategist while Paul is a former national radio host with decades of experience in personal development, productivity strategies, as well as expertise in digital media.

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