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10 Days to a Fail Proof Podcast

1 Lesson Beginner

Monday, September 21st at 12 pm ET

During this 10 Day Challenge, you're going to discover and overcome the 10 reasons most podcasts fail within their first year. 

While most people focus on the tech and the technique of podcasting, the fact is, that's rarely the reason a podcast fails. Yes, quality sound is important and you must be able to communicate clearly, but the primary reasons a podcast fails is the same reason any business, project, or goal fails.

Here's what you can expect each day of the Challenge:

  • Day 1: Get Clarity on Your Why
  • Day 2: Find the Courage to be Authentic
  • Day 3: Build Confidence to Collaborate
  • Day 4: Overcome Your Procrastination
  • Day 5: Completely Stop The Comparison Game
  • Day 6: Acquire Ruthless Focus
  • Day 7: Shatter Every Single False Belief
  • Day 8: Put an Absolute End to Indecision
  • Day 9: Discover the Key to Effortless Consistency
  • Day 10: Set Challenging but Attainable Expectations

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Training Overview

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Day 1 - Gain Clarity on Your Why

Do You Know Why You Want a Podcast?

Your “why” is one of the most important elements when it comes to almost anything you do in life, including your podcast. If you don’t have a solid WHY for doing it, you’ll quickly lose your motivation.

Let's jump in and define a healthy and clean WHY that will keep you going to the finish.