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10 Days to a Fail Proof Podcast

8 Lessons Beginner

Monday, November 30th

During this 10 Day Challenge, you're going to discover and overcome the 10 reasons most podcasts fail within their first year. 

While most people focus on the tech and the technique of podcasting, the fact is, that's rarely the reason a podcast fails. Yes, quality sound is important and you must be able to communicate clearly, but the primary reasons a podcast fails is the same reason any business, project, or goal fails.

Here's what you can expect each day of the Challenge:

  • Day 1: Get Clarity on Your Why
  • Day 2: Find the Courage to be Authentic
  • Day 3: Build Confidence to Collaborate
  • Day 4: Overcome Your Procrastination
  • Day 5: Completely Stop The Comparison Game
  • Day 6: Acquire Ruthless Focus
  • Day 7: Shatter Every Single False Belief
  • Day 8: Put an Absolute End to Indecision
  • Day 9: Discover the Key to Effortless Consistency
  • Day 10: Set Challenging but Attainable Expectations

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Training Overview

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Day 1 – Gain Clarity on Your Why

Do You Know Why You Want a Podcast?

Your “why” is one of the most important elements when it comes to almost anything you do in life, including your podcast. If you don’t have a solid WHY for doing it, you’ll quickly lose your motivation.

Let's jump in and define a healthy and clean WHY that will keep you going to the finish.

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Day 2 – Find the Courage to Be Authentic

Authenticity is the #1 Attractor to any Brand

In other words, authenticity sells! Even if you're not selling a product or service, you have a show you're selling to your potential audience, and being authentic is one of the main reasons someone will engage.

Get ready to discover your true authentic self and build up the courage to share it with your audience.

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Day 3 – Build Confidence to Collaborate

Collaborate with the Right People the Right Way

There's an old business adage that holds true in podcasting as well: Your Network Determines Your Net Worth.

You'll learn who you should be collaborating with and how to approach them with an offer they can't refuse.

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Day 4 - Overcome Procrastination Once and For All

Procrastination Doesn't Mean You're Lazy.

If you struggle with procrastination, you're not alone, in fact, you're in very good company. Just about every high achiever experiences some sort of procrastination.

This lesson is about discovering what's at the core of your BIG procrastination challenges. The ones that keep you from your biggest goals and dream.

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Day 5 - End the Comparison Game

The Real Reason We Compare Ourselves to Others?

We all want to know how well we're doing. After all, there's a reason we have a scoreboard in just about every sport or game we play. We want to know if we're winning. 

But when does that desire to know if we're winning become a debilitating hurdle that keeps you from finishing the game?

That's what we'll help you discover and overcome in this lesson.

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Day 6 - Focus Ruthlessly

Creating Anything of Value Takes Focused Effort

As important as it is to Start Ugly, it's equally important to stay focused all the way through the finish line. For some of us, that's the hardest part. 

In this lesson, we'll go over the primary reasons most people struggle with focus and how to overcome those challenges. 

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Day 7 - Shatter Your False Beliefs

Believing You Have What it Takes and Deserve Success